FLESHGORE think about record cover song...
26-09-2014 -STUDIO PERORT #2 (GUITARS)

Hi everybody! Here is Igor. Axes in studio! Guitars recording session were started! This time I will use my ESP SV Std, ESP Viper Std, Jackson USA KV2T, and some custom made guitars!!! Thanx to Yuriy Savchenkomaster builder of AXT Guitars for testing some his guitars in studio! Also some video shots from studio process will be added soon! Keep you informed!






26-09-2014 -STUDIO PERORT #1

Fleshgore started recording session of upcoming full-length album. As we promised new CD will be in our return to its roots! We just recorded drums and bass guitar for new 9 tracks at our studio. Next step is guitars. Check out studio updates! Keep you informed!





23-09-2014 - "Domain of Death" out NOW!

FLESHGORE "DOMAIN OF DEATH" (EP) out now!!! And available for sale through label "Cadaverized Productions". Also check our official merch store for order our new CD and t-shirts @ http://fleshgore.bigcartel.com




06-08-2014 - EP "Domain of Death" out soon!

Upcoming EP "Domain of Death" come out at  Cadaverized Productions. EP will symbolically mark FLESHGORE’s return to its roots. The artwork has been created by Seeming Watcher. Listen new song from release here. Also some last copies of limited edition T-shirts "Domain of Death" and "Ministry of Fear" is available!



P.S. New full-lenght album in process and also coming this year...

10-06-2014 - Recording guest vocals

Recording guest vocals for our new song with singer of Ezophagothomia, Vitaly Drozdov. New album coming soon...



FLESHGORE think about record cover song... Interested for your opinion. VOTE HERE!

29-10-2013 - Polish trip is a history!

FLESHGORE are back from Domain of Death Tour 2013! Thanx to ENDOCRANIAL and ZOOFAGUS for great time, support and a lot of fun on the road! Stay metal!!! 







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