28-12-2012 New album "Defiance to Evil" out now!

Open up the beer! Turn it on loud! Finally it has happened that everybody was waiting during these long 4 years. Fleshgore is about to release its new album "Defiance to Evil". This was the longest process among all previous albums recorded before. Why that long? There are several reasons.
The most important is change of the the line-up followed us during the last 5 years. Perhaps because of that the album turned out to become so diverse and maybe not so severe as the previous but interesting in new way. Surely there will be old school fast trend songs like "Terrorist" but there also will be the songs in completely different way, because the band was changing and evolving. I'm sure it will help us in future for the creation of the next album which is already in the process and will not repeat the previous one. But let's keep it to the point. "Defiance of evil" is our way of searching something new for us so don't judge it strictly. I would say it was … a big experiment for us. It was necessary to create and release NEW album and not to make a template just to copy old ideas and realize what to do to move on. It's worth saying that large amount of musicians who were in the band from 2007 to 2011 were creating the material and their ideas were taken into account. That's where the stylistic variety of the material is coming from. Now it's all recorded and ready for the listeners!

Happy New Year!


1. Terrorist
2. Dr. Shipman
3. Disaster like Brand
4. This is your fear
5. War
6. Black True Story
7. Ordeal for Progress
8. Fight for Justice
9. Defiance to Evil

Cover art - Vladimir Manyukhin

The song "Defiance of Evil" will be available later and in cd version only.

Date of release 29.12.2012